Nightly Rental

A vacation aboard our Floating Camps is a one-of-a-kind eco-travel experience

And while it’s unconfirmed clinically, a night spent aboard may change your life

Floating Camp Roam and Nomad are seasonally available for nightly or weekly stays

Ready to experience the most unique camps in Maine

Welcome Aboard​

The simple feel of a tiny house, the aquatic intimacy of a houseboat, the close natural connection of camping – all in one perfectly Nomadic vacation experience.

- Sleeping Quarters -

Our Floating Camps can comfortably accommodate up to three or four guests (depending on the houseboat), with double and single bed options. Sleeping quarters are communal with no separation, so make sure you love the one you're with.

- Availability -

We accept nightly stays starting Memorial Day Weekend thru early October. There's a two night minimum with length-of-stay discounts applied automatically - come and float for a while! If your dates aren't available, please Contact Us to see how we can get you floating.


Check-in is between 3pm & 7pm. Your Floating Camp will be dockside awaiting your arrival. If you're floating two nights or more & would like to stay off-shore your first night, you should plan to arrive by about 6:30pm in the summer and 5:30pm in the fall to allow transit before sunset. Your host will return you dockside at a prearranged time as you near the end of your stay. On the morning of your departure, you are free to leave anytime prior to 10am.

- where do i pee -

Nomad and Roam are fully equipped with a marine toilet in - what we've been told - are quite luxurious little houseboat bathrooms. And there are solid wood doors, so privacy is assured. There's also a small sink and shower for your general hygienic needs while aboard.

- Staying aboard -

A cross between houseboat glamping & tiny-house living, your experience aboard our Floating Camps will be a decidedly unique one. But you can rest assured that your comfort & safety will be well covered.

Depending on your floating camp of choice, you will enjoy:
~Outdoor decks with comfy seating & propane fire pit
~One petite (though luxurious!) bathroom
~Kitchen with running water, refrigerator or icebox, and stove
~Propane cooking grill
~Propane space heater
~Access to the lake off the stern
~Canoe (accommodates two guest)

While Roam & Nomad love a good tour around the lake, your Floating Camp will happily remain anchored or moored while you visit except when your host is at the helm. Guests are not authorized to operate our Floating Camps. Instead, you just get to relax and enjoy the ride!

All of our Reservations are made through Airbnb

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This is How We Float

How Does a Nomadic Excursion Work?

Floating Camp Nomad on Rangeley Lake at dusk

- Arrive -

Meet us at the designated arrival spot and we;ll help you unload. Bring whatever you'll need - and leave what you won't - for your time aboard.

- Introductions -

We'll welcome you aboard Nomad or Roam and make sure you're comfortably acquainted before we shove off on your floating excursion.

- Breathe -

You're on the lake.

- Float -

You'll be moored or anchored at your preferred location until you're ready to return for check-out. Any movement to and from your Floating Camp is at your leisure and on your timeline.

- return to port -

At the appointed and pre-coordinated time, your Boat Captain will return you to shore... perhaps a bit more buoyant than when you came.

More information about a stay aboard may be found in our

FAQ Section

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